Emergency Management Division



Director Linda Kozlowski

Nehalem Bay Fire/Rescue

Chief Perry Sherbaugh

Manzanita Police Chief

Erik Harth

Regional Fire District Liaison

Board Chair John Steele

EOC Logistics

Walt Covert
Public Information Officer (Media/Community) Dave Dillon

Community Volunteer Coordinator

Paula Peek

Shelter Strategy/Coordinator

John Olson

CERT Bill Harshbarger

EOC Operations

Linda Kozlowski

Medical Support

Margaret Steele, MD

Ham Radio/Communications

Ann Morgan/Bill Peek

Parks Liaison

Russell Brown

Nehalem Bay Emergency Volunteer Corps

Sue Remy


Emergency Management Division (EMD) is a division of the Manzanita Department of Public Safety made up entirely of community volunteers. The mission of EMD is to operationally respond to emergencies in the region under the National Incident Management System. EMD assists with the planning, review and update, and when necessary, the implementation of the North County Emergency Operations Plan.


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