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Manzanita gets its water from two sources -- Anderson Creek and Foss Road Well. The Anderson Creek surface water source is processed through a water treatment plant located just east of the intersection of Laneda Avenue and Hwy 101. Both the surface water and the well water are stored in three reservoirs located near Epoh Avenue and Oak Street.

New connections to the City waterline are assessed a system development charge prior to connection. This fee is calculated to reflect the impact of new development on the water system. The system development charge goes toward repaying the system for the improvements already made to handle more connections, and to contribute towards future improvements needed to adequately deal with more connections. Please refer to the Water Service Application or call City Hall for the current water hook-up and system development charge. This fee is adjusted every September to reflect the increase costs of construction.

Manzanita water customers are billed quarterly for water service in January, April, July and October. Payments must be postmarked no later than the 25th of these months to avoid the late fee of $20.00.

The base water charge includes 4000 gallons per month or 12,000 gallons per quarter. Water used in excess of the minimum is billed at a per 1000 gallon rate.

When water service has been shut off for lack of payment, a $40 disconnect fee and a $40 reconnection fee is charged in addition to the outstanding service charges and late fees.

Water Service Monthly Rate Schedule
and location
Meter Size Minimum Monthly Rate
(per unit)
Gallons included in minimum monthly rate Cost per 1,000 gallons over minimum
Inside City 3/4 inch $39.50 4,000 $2.50
Outside City 3/4 inch $49.25 4,000 $3.25

Inside City

5/8 inch $39.50 none $2.50
3/4 inch $43.25 none


1 inch $55.00 none $2.50
1-1/2 inch $70.75 none $2.50
2 inch $114.00 none


Outside City

5/8 inch $49.25 none $3.25
3/4 inch $54.00 none $3.25
1 inch $68.75 none $3.25
1-1/2 inch $88.50 none $3.25
2 inch $142.50 none $3.25
Bulk 2 inch $142.50 none $2.75
System Connection Fees
Service Charge:
This charge provides for the cost of meter and/or water line installation at time of service connection.
Actual cost of materials and labor
Other Fees
Delinquent Charge $20.00
Returned Check Charge $35.00
Non-emergency Disconnection Charge $40.00
Non-emergency Customer Requested Disconnection Charge During working hours $40.00
After working hours $80.00
Reconnection Charge after service has been disconnected by the City * During working hours $40.00
After working hours $80.00

* A surcharge of $160.00 will be applyed at the time of reconnection of a water service which was disconnected at the City's valve at the owner's request.



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