Business Licenses

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Business Licenses are valid for the calendar year in which they were issued.

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Business Licenses

All persons doing business within the city limits of Manzanita are required to have a city business license and pay the required fee. The license is valid for the calendar year.

The following activities are exempt from the requirement to obtain a business license:

  1. Wholesale deliveries to licensed businesses from operations based outside the city limits.

  2. Rental of dwellings (long term or short term)

  3. Casual labor activities performed by minors or others including but not limited to lawn mowing and child care.

  4. Any activity conducted solely for charitable, religious, community or public purposes.

License Fees for Calendar Year

  New & Renewals
Issued Jan 1-Jun 30

New Licenses Only
issued Jul 1 or later
1-2 employees* $ 75.00 $37.50
3-5 employees* $100.00 $50.00
6+ employees* $125.00 $62.50

*For purposes of computing the number of employees, "employees" include owners/managers plus other workers, whether compensated or not, present at one time peak season.





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