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Municipal Court


Municipal Court Presiding Judge

Court Clerk

Honorable Judge Larry J. Blake, Jr.

Maggie Hogland

Street Address (do not send mail to this address)
543 Laneda Avenue
Manzanita, Oregon 97130

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 129
Manzanita, OR 97130-0129

Contact Information
Phone: 503-368-5343
Fax: 503-368-4145

Court Payments Online

You can make an online payment of traffic citations and certain municipal ordinance citations.

What You Need

You need the following to pay your citation online:

  1. Have the Manzanita Municipal Court citation you received and use the information from your citation to enter the data into the online forms. Please contact the Court to obtain the citation number.

  2. Have a valid Visa or Master Card credit card.

  3. Complete the forms on the Certified Government Payments website.


You may NOT use this online payment form if:

  1. You received a City of Manzanita Citation and Complaint that requires you to make a court appearance. After you appear in court you can pay your citation online.

  2. You wish to plead not guilty to the complaint filed against you.

Important Notes

  • If you wish to use this online payment system, please check your citation to make sure that your appearance is scheduled for the Manzanita Municipal Court. If the citation is scheduled for any other court (for example: Tillamook County Justice Court) you MAY NOT use this online payment system.

  • Submitting our payment online does not guarantee that your payment will be accepted. If your credit card payment is rejected, then your citation will be considered unpaid and we will notify you that payment was not accepted. After you receive notification that payment was not accepted, the citation will be considered outstanding and a warrant may be issued for your arrest and your driver's license will be suspended. You will need to contact the Court immediately to arrange an alternate method of payment.

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