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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is our Insurance Service Office (ISO) number?
Insurance Companies need this number for insuring your home against fire. Manzanita and Neahkahnie's ISO is a 5.

Why doesn't FedEx or UPS recognize my address?
If you give them the city address as "Nehalem" instead of Manzanita, they can locate it in their data base.

What do I do if I find injured wildlife?
First of all, do not touch any wildlife. Mother seals sometimes beach their babies and are known to abandon them if touched by humans. Report injured animals to the police department or the department of Fish and Wildlife. Injured birds may be reported to the Wildlife Center of the North Coast at 503-338-0331, or 503-338-3954 (after hours pager).

How do I read my water bill?

Where can I FAX or copy documents?

  • The Library located at 571 Laneda Ave - 2 doors east of City Hall
  • Salt and Paper located at 4th and Laneda Ave.

Where is the closest drug store/pharmacy?

In Wheeler (about 3 miles south of Manzanita)

  • Rinehart Pharmacy - (503) 368-7455
    278 Rowe Street - Suite 222, Wheeler, OR
    (Turn right at first driveway after driveway into Rinehart Clinic. See below for directions to Rinehart Clinic.)

In Seaside (about 20 miles north of Manzanita)

  • Safeway (503) 738-4706
  • RiteAid (503) 738-8422

In Tillamook (about 25 miles south of Manzanita)

  • Safeway (503) 842-4608
  • Fred Meyer (503) 815-1433

Where are the nearest doctors/clinics?
Adventist Health Medical Group - Manzanita Urgent, Primary & Specialty Care is located just east of the City along Highway 101. The address is 10445 NeahKahNie Creek Road.

The Rinehart Clinic in Wheeler at 230 Rowe St. Directions: S on Hwy. 101 into Wheeler, left just past the red City Hall/Public Works building. Follow road up hill and clinic is on right.

General facilities
  • Where is there internet access?
    The library has PCs available and WiFi. Other areas around the downtown area have WiFi that can be accessed.

  • Where are the public restrooms?
    Public restrooms are located at the Visitors' Center at the corner of Laneda Avenue and First St North; on Fifth Street just off Laneda Avenue (next to the basketball half-court and Public Safety building); and at City Park which is located at Pacific Lane and Third Street South.

  • Does Manzanita have a Visitors' Center?
    The Manzanita Visitors' Center, Explore Manzanita, is located at the corner of Laneda Avenue and First St N.

  • Is there a library nearby?
    The Manzanita branch of the Tillamook library is located at 571 Laneda Avenue (just east of City Hall).

    • Phone number:503-368-6665
    • Hours:
      • Monday-Wednesday-Friday from 12:00 noon to 5:00 pm
      • Tuesday & Thursday from 12:00 noon to 8:00 pm
      • Saturday from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm

  • Is there a dump/recycling center nearby and when is it open?
    The recycling center, CARTM Recycling, is located at 34995 Necarney City Rd., and trash may also be disposed of.

    • Summer hours: Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm Thursday through Monday (CLOSED Tues. and Wed.)
    • Winter hours: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm Thursday through Sunday (CLOSED Mon., Tues., Wed.)
    • Phone:503-368-7764
    • Email: info@cartm.org
    • Website: www.cartm.org

  • Where I can take any lost items I find in town or on the beach?
    Found items may be taken to City Hall (543 Laneda Avenue) or to Public Safety (165 Fifth Street).

  • Is there a leash law in Manzanita?
    Yes, all dogs are required to be leashed and kept under physical control at all times by the owner or person in charge.


  • Where is the City Park?
    At Pacific Lane and Third Street South.

  • Can I reserve the picnic tables/barbeque pits at the park? The tables and barbeque pits are available on a first come, first served basis.

  • Are there any tennis courts in the City?
    Yes, at the City Park which is located at Pacific Lane and Third Street South. Rules are posted on the fencing just outside the entrance to the court.


  • I use very little water. Why is my quarterly water bill so high?
    Most of the base monthly rate covers the cost of maintaining the pipes, reservoirs, pumps and other equipment as well as the required treatment and testing to make sure that when you turn on the tap, you get an adequate supply of clean water. These costs are incurred by the City even if you use very little or no water in a given billing period. The base rate includes 4000 gallons per month, and most customers do not have to pay more than the base rate.

  • I live outside the City limits. Why is my water bill higher?
    Water customers outside the City pay about 1 ½ times the base monthly rate as customers pay inside the City limits. City residents own the system and have built parts of the system through property taxes and other sources that customers outside the City have not paid. Therefore, customers outside the City are charged the extra amount.

  • What is the billing cycle for water?
    Manzanita bills on a quarterly basis with payment due by the 25th of the month following the quarter. Late fees will be applied after this date. Refer to our Water & Water Billing page for specific fees.

City Council

  • When are the Manzanita Council Meetings held?
    The Council meetings are held on the first Wednesday after the first Monday of each month at 7:00 pm, unless otherwise posted. Agendas are posted in advance on the City’s website, at City Hall, the Post Office, the two local banks and the library. Minutes are posted at City Hall and on this website.


  • What is the Building Inspector’s schedule?
    His schedule is:
    • Please call City Hall for current schedule: 503-368-5343

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