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The City of Manzanita is working with the Tillamook County Visitors Association on a Wayfinding plan. Wayfinding contributes to safe journeys and is essential to guiding residents and visitors while increasing their understanding and experience of these amazing places. The city embarked on this process over 6 years ago but did not move forward with a plan or implementation. In the summer of 2023 TCVA developed a Destination Management Plan: (READ PLAN HERE) and Wayfinding was included as a priority among Manzanita citizens. The City and TCVA are looking for additional input and feedback from the community to develop and implement a new Wayfinding Plan and we need your help! This survey will inform the development of a draft Wayfinding Plan that City Staff and TCVA will present to the community and City Council for additional input and feedback before the plan is finalized and we move on to implementation. TCVA not only pays for the Wayfinding Plan, but they also pay for the design and fabrication of the new signs. It’s an extraordinary opportunity for the city to freshen up its look and make Manzanita easier to navigate!

Please fill out the following survey and share your comments with us – at the end of the survey there will be an opportunity to express any additional ideas or thoughts you might have about wayfinding in Manzanita.

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