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Conversations With Councilors

Last year, the city council held several listening sessions to learn how residents felt about the city hall project and our short term rental policies.  Now we want to hear from you regarding options we may have to diversify our sources of revenue to pay for city services.  Initially, we would like your input on whether we should consider a tax on prepared foods like those in Cannon Beach, Yachats and Ashland.  

Join us!

Meeting Dates:

Tuesday April 23rd
10:00am – Noon

Wednesday May 1st
11am – 1pm

Tuesday May 7th
10am – Noon

Tuesday May 14th
1pm – 3pm

Wednesday May 22nd
1pm – 3pm

Tuesday May 28th
10am – Noon

Meetings held at the

Manzanita Visitor Center

Or do so directly on the
Eventbrite event page using this link: