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Budget Committee

City Council Members

Linda Kozlowski
Jerry Spegman
Kathryn Stock
Brad Hart
Tom Campbell

Budget Committee Members

Jim Dopp
Chip Greening
Kit Keating
Joy Nord
Jeffrey Sonshine

Budget Officer

Leila Aman, City Manager

City Budget 101

Everything you may have wanted to know about the City of Manzanita’s budget.

Budget Applications received for current vacancies:

The Budget Committee meets for several times in May in the City Council Chambers and is composed of the City Council plus an equal number of citizens appointed by the City Council.

All members of the Budget Committee have equal authority.

The Budget Committee meets publicly to review the budget document as proposed by the budget officer.

The Budget Committee receives the budget and budget message and provides an opportunity for the public to ask questions about and comment on the budget. The Committee also approves a budget and, if ad valorem property taxes are required, approves an amount or rate of tax for all funds that receive property taxes.

2024 Budget Calendar

1/23/24 – 10:00 am                  Budget Committee Premeeting

4/9/24 – 10:00 am
Second Quarter and FY 24/25 Budget Premeeting

4/30/24 – 2:00pm
First Budget Committee Meeting to receive proposed budget

5/1/24 – 2:00pm
Second Budget Committee Meeting

5/7/24 – 6:00pm
Third Budget Committee meeting and public hearing (including proposed uses to State Revenue Sharing)

5/29/24 – 6:00pm
Special City Council Meeting – Public Hearing and Adoption of Budget

7/23/24 – 10:00am
Third Quarterly Budget Committee Meeting
-Review of FY 23/24 fourth quarter financial report (Apr, May, Jun)
-Review of FY 23/24 financial report

10/22/24 – 10:00am
Fourth Quarterly Budget Committee Meeting
-Review of FY 24/25 first quarter financial report (Jul, Aug, Sept)

Budget Committee Meetings

May 1, 2024

Budget Committee Meeting – Cancelled

January 23rd, 2024

Budget Committee Workshop

June 2nd, 2023

Budget Committee Work Session

May 17th, 2023

Budget Committee Meeting

May 9th, 2023

Budget Committee Meeting

May 8th, 2023

Budget Committee Meeting

January 24, 2023

Budget Committee Work Session

October 25, 2022

Budget Committee Work Session


June 26, 2022