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Planning Commission

The Planning Commission generally meets the second Monday of each month at 4 p.m.
All Planning Commission meetings will be held virtually via zoom.
A link to the meeting will be provided on the meeting agenda..

Please check the City Calendar for confirmation.
The public is encouraged to attend all Planning Commission meetings.


Karen Reddick-Yurka


Lee Hiltenbrand
Phil Mannan
John Collier
Thomas Christ
Frank Squillo
Bert Gregory

Planning Forms, Ordinances & Applications:

Manzanita Comprehensive Plan

Planning Commission agendas are usually posted below five days prior to the meeting.

Minutes of a given meeting are not posted on the website until approved
by the Planning Commission at its next regular meeting.


You are invited to attend hearings or submit comments in writing before the meeting time.

You may send written comments in advance to Email:
Mailed: City of Manzanita, PO Box 129, Manzanita, Or 97130

Or you may submit your comments in person at the hearing.
If you want to present verbal testimony, either pro, con, or to raise questions, you will be invited to speak following the applicant’s testimony. Testimony and comments at this hearing must be directed towards the criteria identified. If you submit a written comment or comment in person at the hearing, you will be sent a copy of the decision or recommendation.

All written and verbal comments become part of the permanent record.

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October 2023

Land Use Planning Training
9am – 3pm



Previous year archive of PC meetings

You must submit a records request for meetings prior to 2020

Due to high demand for information on Manzanita Lofts,
frequently requested information will be posted here

Information is posted to reduce the large number of calls & requests made to city staff