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You are invited to attend hearings or submit comments in writing before the meeting time.

You may send written comments in advance to Email:,
Mailed: City of Manzanita, PO Box 129, Manzanita, Or 97130

Or you may submit your comments in person at the hearing.
If you want to present verbal testimony, either pro, con, or to raise questions, you will be invited to speak following the applicant’s testimony. Testimony and comments at this hearing must be directed towards the criteria identified. If you submit a written comment or comment in person at the hearing, you will be sent a copy of the decision or recommendation.

All written and verbal comments become part of the permanent record.

The City of Manzanita uses the State of Oregon ePermitting system for all permits and inspections.

  1. All permit applications and documentation must be submitted using ePermitting.
  2. Submit all required documents to
  3. Documents must be to scale and submitted as a PDF
  4. Many Questions can be answered in the F.A.Q.

State of Oregon e-Permitting Tutorial for builders:

State of Oregon online application


Tutorials for phone and text inspection requests


The State guide to the
e-Permitting automated
Telephone System


The State guide to SelecTXT
inspection scheduling
VIA text Messaging

For a faster response to your questions and inquiries
e-mail questions to: 

How To & F.A.Q.

Commonly asked questions and tutorials on how to.

Requirements for building a house:

Do I need a permit to build an accessory structure?

Do I need a permit to build a fence?

Requirements for development in Urban Growth:

How do I view approved house plans?

How do I pay for my permits online?

How do I pay for my planning fees online?

Short term rental information for buyers:

How to apply for a tree removal permit:

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