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The City of Manzanita is currently accepting comments on proposed building fee adjustment. In May 2020, the City of Manzanita City Council approved staff to open public comment for proposed fee adjustment to the City’s building fee schedule.    

The City of Manzanita has been working with the State of Oregon in assessing the fees in which to establish in preparation for the City’s implementation of the new e permitting system. In the evaluation of the e-permitting program, staff discovered that the current building fees need to be updated to help facilitate the implementation of e-permitting and to be in line with the newly revised fees of Cannon Beach, Gearhart, Warrenton and Clatsop County. Tillamook County and other cities in Tillamook also have outdated fees, therefore, they are not used as reference. The last time the City adjusted the building fees was in 2009. Adjusting the fees will give this City the ability to cover the cost in a valuation an inspection and current rate of construction projects throughout this City. 

Adjust building fees to match that of our neighboring jurisdictions

The building expenditures have exceeded revenues for the past 5 years (See Graph 1).   As building permit revenues must be used only for building inspection programs by State law, the philosophy has been that the money in “profit” years is used to cover expenses in the lean years. The graph shows that the department’s revenues have been falling short due a decrease in the number of processed permits. Some of the factors that contributed to the decrease include, but at not limited to, having a BO less than part-time, inconsistent customer service, limited windows for inspections, and limited accessibility to a BO that can explain the building processes and required permits. Table 1 includes the number of permits issued in the last five years. 

Graph 1

Revenues included are fees collected for permits and plan review.
Expenses includes are personnel costs, office supplies, building operations, insurance, membership dues & fees, travel, and equipment.

Table 1

Year Building Permits Issued New Homes  # of Commercial Permits Issued Inspections Completed 
2015 68 18 19 428 
2016 67 144 4 527 
2017* 0* 16 0* 0* 
2018 48 75 14 391 
2019 38 64 11 358 
2020 14 2 2 44 

                                          *Numbers for 2017 were not available. 

By state law, if the fee increase generates more revenue than is needed for the Department each year, the excess revenues must be held in a reserve for the department for future needs or for when building activity is down.  The excess revenue may not be used for other City purposes.  

Appendix includes the list of proposed fees. These fees have been already evaluated by the Department of Building Codes (BCD). The proposed fee schedule is taken from the City of Cannon Beach, which is the most recent north coast jurisdiction that has adjusted building fees. The proposed fees are a combination of new fees and adjusted fees. Appendix D includes the fees of Tillamook County, City of Cannon Beach, and Clatsop County for reference.  

For a one new family dwelling the cost of the permits required would be: 



Total permit fee, plan review and surcharge 







It is proposed that the fee increase not go into effect until September 1, 2020 to allow contractors to figure the new fees into their bid proposals. Complete applications (including all plans) submitted to the department prior to September 1st would be subject to the current rates. 


The expectations and needs of the community for a reliable Building Department, can only be met by adjusting our fees to cover the expenses needed to operate efficiently.  Likewise, raising building permit fees would allow to cover the costs of the building inspection program more closely. 

Implement the E-Permitting Program

To streamline and facilitate the building process

E-Permitting is an online permit service program provided by the Building Codes Division (BCD). Contractors can go online anywhere, or from any device, to purchase a building permit or schedule an inspection. This program handles the permitting and monitoring of permits plus will allow contractors better access to their information and checking on inspections. E-permitting is funded through the 12% surcharge assessed on all building permits. 

The City has signed up to participate in the e-permitting program and staff will start training this May with a tentative implementation date of August-September 2020. Once implemented, the program will create and support permits for Building, Planning and Public Works and would improve record keeping and time management as permits would be submitted and approved online.  


The e-permitting program would help better track permits, inspections, planning, right of way permits, improve contractors’ access to inspection results and applying for permits. By implementing e-permitting this will free up more time for customer service and code enforcement. 

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