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Manzanita Police Department

Mission Statement

The Manzanita Police Department is committed to policing excellence through proactive service and professionalism.
Our values are:

  • To establish a progressive and innovative organization that seeks to provide the highest
    possible level of law enforcement service to our community.
  • To establish a solid partnership with citizens in our efforts to create a safe and secure
  • To provide crime prevention using all available resources.
  • To provide for thorough investigation of crimes and prudent apprehension of suspected
  • To provide for services that contribute to the preservation of life and protection of
    property, the preservation of the community health and safety and general public
    assistance under all conditions.

The Manzanita Police Department contracts to provide supplemental law enforcement service to the
City of Wheeler, City of Nehalem, Nehalem Bay State Park and Oswald West State Parks. The Tillamook
County Sheriff’s Office and the Oregon State Police provide the primary law enforcement services to
those mentioned contracted government entities.

Contact Information

Manzanita Police Department
PO Box 129
Manzanita, OR 97130

Message phone: 503-368-7229

Non-emergency dispatch: 503-815-1911

Fax: 503-368-7441

Chief of Police


If you would like to submit a records request please do so here:


Police reports $15

The minimum fee for Dash Camera or Body Worn Camera video is $85.00 plus a $42.50 additional charge for any increment of each ½ hour required to process over the first hour.


If you are the finder of property and would like to exercise your rights as specified in ORS 98.005, please do not turn over the found property to the Manzanita Police Department. Found property turned over to the Manzanita Police Department will not be returned to the finder.

Ordinance Complaints

If you are trying to report and ordinance violation please use the following link: