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Short Term Rental Committee

Committee Members

Michael Duncan
Carol Kennedy
Jo Newhouse
Cheryl Ogburn
Jill Petty

Anupam Narayan
Patrick Johnston

Ex Officio Members

Phil Mannon
Amy VanDyke
Leila Aman
Judy Wilson
Jerry Spegman

Public notice of STR Workgroup meetings will be made by posting
notices on the Facebook page and at the following locations:

Manzanita Post Office
370 Laneda Avenue

Manzanita Visitors Center
31 Laneda Avenue

Temporary City Hall
167 S 5th St

Meeting Agendas, Minutes, and materials

STR Committee agendas are usually posted five days prior to the meeting.

November 2022


STR Committee Meeting

October 2022


STR Committee Meeting

Meeting Audio

August 2022


STR Committee Meeting

Meeting Audio