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Partition: Highlands Tract H
File Number: 24012

The applicants are requesting approval to Partition the property into two parcels.

Application Type & info:


Location / Address:

Southwest Corner of Intersection of Highlands and Meadows Drives, part of Tract “H`” of Highlands 2. The County Assessor places the property within Township 3 North; Range 10 West; Section 29D; Tax Lot #100.

Meeting Dates:

PC Meeting March 11, 2024

  1. Initial discussion & questions
  2. Review & vote

Current Status:

The City of Manzanita finds the submitted application complies with the applicable decision criteria and hereby APPROVES the partition application subject to the following Conditions of Approval:

A registered land surveyor shall submit a final partitioning plat, complying with provisions in ORS Chapter 92. The final plat shall comply with the following:

1. The final shall conform with the submitted partition plan. The pump station on Parcel 1 shall comply with all applicable setback requirements.

2. Completion, submittal, and recording of the final partitioning plat, and development of the vacant parcel, shall comply with the requirements contained in the City of Manzanita Ordinance 95-5.

3. The applicants shall record the final partitioning plat in the Tillamook County Assessor’s Office within two years of the final date of approval.

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