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Everything below is provided for your reference and may contain old or outdated information

Community Goals and Values

Manzanita Listens revealed several themes that are important to the community.

These include:

  • Getting the most value for their investment
  • The community wants a city hall that is durable, adaptable, functional and efficient
  • They want a building able to withstand coastal conditions and that is resilient in the event of an earthquake
  • Matching the unique culture and norms of the community
  • Being environmentally sustainable

The Manzanita City Council is committed to incorporating these themes
as it implements all phases of the city hall project.

Together, we will build a city hall that:

  •  Reflects the culture and diverse values of our community
  • Creates an inspiring workspace for our staff
  • Provides for user-friendly, efficient customer service
  • Embraces innovation

Facts About
the City Hall Project

Underhill Plaza

    • New City Hall will be located at Underhill Plaza (corner of Manzanita St and
      Division) just west of Fresh Foods
    • Underhill plaza property purchased in 2017
    • 2.67 acre parcel (only a small part will be used for the City Hall)

Old City Hall on Laneda

      • Extensive mold issue-unsafe working conditions, employees were made ill
      • General consensus is that building in such bad shape it would need to be torn
        down and City Hall rebuilt
      • Old City Hall Property for sale
      • Old City Hall was too small, and even before mold was discovered., Council was planning a new and safe city hall out of the evacuation zone

Current Temporary City Hall location

    • One third the space of old city hall, which was already too small
    • Moved to current space 2/2020

Resolution 20-21 passed 8/2020 (on Manzanita website under Manzanita Listens)

    • New City Hall will be built on Underhill plaza
    • City hall will include space for administration and public safety (police)
    • Out of tsunami evacuation zone
    • Build new building
    • No decision on Quonset hut

No decisions have been made on

    • Size of the new City Hall
    • Design
    • No architect chosen

Reporting of public input: all results posted on website Manzanita Listens: City Hall
Project/Reported at Council meetings. Timeline:

    • January 6th Survey Results reported
    • February 3rd Focus Group Results reported
    • April 7th Public meeting results will be reported

Size of new City Hall will be decided as we move forward

    • Plan can call for scalability

New City Hall hopes:

    • Safer, Better and more efficient
    • Sustainable
    • Point of pride for the community
    • Consolidation of Administration and Public Safety (police) in one building
    • Provide a safe place for staff to work
    • Efficient, durable, functional, and sustainable

Goal of upcoming Council meetings

    • Determine sense of quality, cost and durability
    • Explore funding options and determine total funding available for the project
    • Develop process to hire a Project Manager and an architect to start the
      conversation about design and functionality

Manzanita Listens Research Team
Final report

81 page report of the data collected at public meetings, surveys, and other topics.

Manzanita Listens Summary Report

Summary of the project and results so far. 
Prepared by Dr Margaret Banyan

Manzanita Listens
Public Meeting Report

Summary of information gathered during the public meeting period.
Prepared by Dr Margaret Banyan

City Hall Plaza
Funding Options

Presentation of funding options.
Prepared by interim City Manager John Kunkle

City Manager update Archive

Previous reports from the City Manager on the City Hall Project

City Hall Project

From City Manager
Leila Aman

City Hall Project

From City Manager
Leila Aman

City Hall Project

From City Manager
Leila Aman

City Hall Project

From City Manager
Leila Aman

City Hall Project

From City Manager
Leila Aman