City Hall Project

Information will be posted as it becomes available


What We are Hearing:
An Evolving Vision for a New City Hall

City Hall should…

…be a point of pride that reflects our community

…serve as the heartbeat of the City – where our community goes for resources and assistance – information, bill pay, and emergencies

…be safe and out of the inundation zone

…offer efficient and effective consolidation of City functions

… provide a secure and adequate space for staff to work

…the best sized building for our community’ needs

…effective, durable, functional, usable and sustainable

…embrace opportunities for innovative use of technology

Facts About the City Hall Plaza Project

  • Underhill Plaza
    • New City Hall will be located at Underhill Plaza (corner of Manzanita St and
      Division) just west of Fresh Foods
    • Underhill plaza property purchased in 2017
    • 2.67 acre parcel (only a small part will be used for the City Hall)
  • Old City Hall on Laneda
    • Extensive mold issue-unsafe working conditions, employees were made ill
    • General consensus is that building in such bad shape it would need to be torn
      down and City Hall rebuilt
    • Old City Hall Property for sale
    • Old City Hall was too small, and even before mold was discovered., Council was planning a new and safe city hall out of the evacuation zone
  • Current Temporary City Hall location
    • One third the space of old city hall, which was already too small
    • Moved to current space 2/2020
  • Resolution 20-21 passed 8/2020 (on Manzanita website under Manzanita Listens)
    • New City Hall will be built on Underhill plaza
    • City hall will include space for administration and public safety (police)
    • Out of tsunami evacuation zone
    • Build new building
    • No decision on Quonset hut
  • No decisions have been made on
    • Size of the new City Hall
    • Design
    • No architect chosen
  • Reporting of public input: all results posted on website Manzanita Listens: City Hall
    Project/Reported at Council meetings. Timeline:
    • January 6th Survey Results reported
    • February 3rd Focus Group Results reported
    • April 7th Public meeting results will be reported

  • Size of new City Hall will be decided as we move forward
    • Plan can call for scalability
  • New City Hall hopes:
    • Safer, Better and more efficient
    • Sustainable
    • Point of pride for the community
    • Consolidation of Administration and Public Safety (police) in one building
    • Provide a safe place for staff to work
    • Efficient, durable, functional, and sustainable
  • Goal of upcoming Council meetings
    • Determine sense of quality, cost and durability
    • Explore funding options and determine total funding available for the project
    • Develop process to hire a Project Manager and an architect to start the
      conversation about design and functionality
  • On the building concepts, each of the options can be further customized to get the final
    building design you want. Quality and durability of materials, sustainability features and
    the size of the building will be the main elements that will vary and that will affect the
    cost of the project. Options B and C are the most flexible as they are custom designed (see below).

Manzanita Listens Research Team
Final report

An 81 page report summarizing the data collected at public meetings, surveys, as well as many other topics.

Manzanita Listens Summary Report

A 20 page summary of the project and results so far. 
Prepared by Dr Margaret Banyan

Manzanita Listens
Public Meeting Report

A 10 page presentation of information gathered during the public meeting period.
Prepared by Dr Margaret Banyan

City Hall Plaza
Funding Options

10 page Presentation of funding options.
Prepared by interim City Manager John Kunkle

Questions and Answers

As we move through our process – from survey to focus groups to public meetings – Manzanita Listens would like your input on three primary issues:

  • building concepts
  • financing options
  • extra amenities

While other concerns have surfaced and will likely continue to be discussed in this process, we are asking you to use this space to share your questions and comments on these three items only.  We will post replies to all relevant questions, and by doing so we’ll provide another valuable source of community input prior to making decisions about financing and construction.

Ask your question:

Topic of Discussion: Architectural Style

The following images are only samples of different building styles.
They absolutely are not under consideration or work in progress.

These Images are provided only to illustrate the various benefits and drawbacks of each construction style, the amenities they can accommodate, and basic building options.

Concept A:

Limited Choices

Modular / Manufactured

Material Finishes: 
Lower quality / Less durability

Design Considerations:
Very limited
(e.g., low ceilings, fixed floor plan)

Seismic Preparedness &
post-event replacement:

Least resilient – Will require replacement

Code minimum

Approx. 20 – 25 years

Lowest cost (varies)

Concept B:

Wider Choices

Commercial quality/durability

Material Finishes:  Commercial quality/durability

Design Considerations:
Less limited (e.g., increased flexibility for floor plans, building layout)

Seismic Preparedness &
post-event replacement:
Moderate – may require replacement

Code minimum w/some features

Approx. 40+ years

Approx. 1.5 – 2 x Cost of A

Concept C:

Widest Choices

Institutional Quality Construction

Material Finishes:
High quality/durability

Design Considerations:
Few limits (e.g., totally flexible floor plans, flexible ceiling height)

Seismic Preparedness &
post-event replacement:
Most resilient –usable post disaster

Code minimum w/features

Approx. 50+ years

Approx. 2-2.5 x Cost of A

City Hall Project
Meeting Registration

The City of Manzanita is seeking input from Manzanita property owners, Manzanita voters and Manzanita business owners. The information gathered will help inform the next steps for our new City Hall.

We will have 4 public Zoom meetings in March, limited to 60 participants in each meeting. It is important to sign up as soon as possible. Additional meetings will be scheduled, if necessary.

The Zoom meetings seeking Public Input dates are:
· Thursday March 11th 6-7:30pm
· Saturday March 13th 10-11:30am
· Tuesday March 16th 3-4:30pm
· Saturday March 20th 10-11:30am

Click or Tap one of the boxes below to register for a meeting.
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Manzanita Listens

Building Concept A – Modular/Manufactured Design

Construction Type

  • Wood framed modules shipped to site
  • Pier foundation with siding skirt (full foundation possible at higher cost); composite or plywood type exterior siding
  • Mid-range asphalt shingle roof; vinyl windows; lowest grade fiberglass doors

Material Finishes

  • Textured drywall walls with vinyl base; carpet or vinyl flooring; dropped acoustic ceilings; recessed grid lighting in acoustic ceilings

Design Considerations

  • Restricted by floor dimensions that may be shipped -15’x60’ max; ceiling heights -typically 9’; limited exterior form
  • Requires exterior ramps/stairs to access interior due to foundation height
  • Consist of multiple modules located together on site

Seismic Preparedness & post-disaster replacement

  • Would not meet seismic structural standards for essential public facilities (highest seismic strengthening required for public safety facility) -increased strengthening possible at higher cost
  • Not useable after earthquake


  • Code minimum


  • Approx. 20 – 25 years


  • Lowest cost (customization will increase cost)

Building Concept B – Commercial Quality Construction

Construction Type

  • Site built wood framing
  • Concrete foundation or slab on grade; Variety of exterior siding options including cedar shingles
  • Premium asphalt shingle roof; wood or vinyl windows and skylights; wood or fiberglass doors

Material Finishes

  • Textured drywall walls with vinyl or wood base; carpet or vinyl flooring; gypsum and/or dropped acoustic ceilings; many lighting options

Design Considerations

  • Architect designed
  • Floor plans can be custom designed for efficiency to meet City’s Administrative and Public Safety requirements

Seismic Preparedness & post-disaster replacement

  • Public Safety portion of the building would be designed to meet seismic structural standards for essential public facilities (highest seismic strengthening) – may be utilized after an earthquake; other portions will allow for safe exit; structure may need to be replaced


  • Code minimum with opportunity for modest additional features (e.g., super energy efficiency, solar panels, electric vehicle chargers)


  • Approx. 40+ years


  • Approx. 1.5- 2.0 X Cost of Concept A (customizations will increase cost)

Building Concept C – Institutional Quality Construction

Construction Type

  • Site built wood framing or concrete and steel
  • Variety of exterior siding options including cedar shingles
  • Premium asphalt shingle roof or metal roof.
  • Wood, architectural grade aluminum, fiberglass or vinyl windows and skylights. Wood or fiberglass doors.

Material Finishes

  • Interiors could include higher end finishes such as extensive wood finishes, specialty lighting, heavy timbers, and vaulted ceilings

Design Considerations

  • Architect designed
  • Floor plans can be custom designed
  • Building exterior design would allow for the most variation and architectural features.

Seismic Preparedness & post-disaster replacement

  • The entire building could be designed for the highest seismic protection.


  • Can achieve high level of sustainability to include additional sustainability features such as battery storage, geothermal/Ground Source Heat Pump, or biomass energy.


  • 50+ years


  • Approx. 2.0 -2.5 X Cost of Concept A